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The Isle of Islay - Looking Back with Bobby Hodkinson. Old photographs of Islay and its people. 1998. 80 pages. Paperback. 9.80.
A collection of 76 old black-and-white photographs from the Museum's large archive showing many different aspects of the island and its people from about 1890 to 1972, including villages scenes at the turn of the century, some of the earliest motor and air transport, the first lifeboat, activities such as the Islay Show, the Pipe Band and the Gaelic Choir and some notable Islay folk.

An Islay Miscellany. 104 pages. Paperback. 2018. 8.00.
A collection of articles and some poems on different aspects of Islay under the headings of "The People", "The Sea", "Far Off Times", "Conflict", "The Land", "Myths and Legends" and "Poems", drawn from a variety of sources, including original material and items from the Museum's archives.


Guide to Places of Interest on Islay. By C.Gordon Booth, revised by Malcolm Ogilvie. 2014. 20 pages. 2.50.
The purpose of this guide is to help the visitor enjoy some of the more interesting, and accessible, places and buildings on Islay. It takes the form of a geographical tour following the road network and forms the perfect introduction to the island.

Place Names in Islay. Their meanings and pronunciation. By Katie Ferguson and Margot Perrons. 1988. 16 pages. 2.00.
The majority of the place names on Islay are Gaelic, though there are some which are Norse. This booklet lists about 160 of the more prominent names found on the Ordnance Survey map and gives hints on how to pronounce them correctly, as well as information on their origin and meaning.

The Old Parish Church, Kildalton, Islay. By Domhnall MacEacharna. 2015 revised edition. 12 pages. 2.00.
The Old Church at Kildalton (often called the Kildalton Chapel) is the site of the most famous Celtic Cross in Scotland. This pamphlet describes the Church, the High Cross and several of the fine carved graveslabs which lie within the Church and its graveyard.

40 Star Objects. Compiled by the Museum of Islay Life. 24 pages. 5.00.
Colour photographs and descriptions of the 40 "Star Objects" in the Museum, published to celebrate our 40th birthday in August 2018.

If you would like to order any of the above publications by post, please use our Contact form to let us know what you would like and we will respond with the total cost including post and packing. We can accept cheques or payments direct to our bank account (we will supply details), but not we regret payment by credit card.

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Bowmore early 1900s

Port Ellen Pier Road

Lagavulin Distillery

Mending the Lobster Creels

Unloading Coal
Bowmore Pier